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Custom tattoo artists can sketch an image which we would email to you based on the information you supply.

Get a unique design for your body rather than share flash with thousands of people!

Custom Designs turn your vision into reality enabling you to finally get inked with a design that is personal to YOU and not something you share with hundreds of other people.

If you are a tattoo artist please contact us to get listed on this page and you can offer your services to over 10,000 people per day.

Name: Felicity Flynn

BA(hons) in Art and Design. I have been designing tattoos for 2 years now.
Speciality: Abstract Designs, Birds, Animals

Name: Russell Ashley


I am a professional illustrator, artist and tattoo designer based in the UK.After many years of office work i decided to take up my passion of art full time and haven't looked back since.I am extremely versatile in my work as i do more than design tattoo's- im also a published illustrator with my work having been published by in the RKYV magazine and also by DC2.I am passionate about tattoo design and always strive for perfection for any client i have worked for. This has resulted in some of my best work being produced as body art. something i am immensely proud of.

Speciality: Black and White, Colour, Fantasy, Japanese, Celtic, Animals, Floral, New School,  (Basically anything and everything)


Really great work, extremely cool, and wow I don't know what to say more, really thanks a lot!
Beckam Style Angel


Fantastic that's just what I was looking for I will definitely be using Tattoos By Design again in the near future,  Derek.


Hi Scott! I just want to say that you did a great job, it look´s fantastic. It was just what I hoped for. Thank you very much. Now I know where I can get great custom made tattoos. Best regards Lennie

Hey man whoever drew this picture did an excellent job...thats the image  i"ve been picturing all along...thanx a lot...if i have any more ideas I'll let you guyz  know....Thanx

Absolutely stunning - will soon be wearing the design with pride. Thank the artist very much, he has got it spot on! Vic

Hey, Thank you for the design! The design you sent me was absolutely perfect. Made an appointment with my tattooist for next week and I will most definitely send a photo of the finished artwork when its completed (black with small amount of red). Thanks again, much appreciated!    Julz

Thanks that's really great! just how I wanted it thank-you!   Marianna

This is GREAT!  And very close to EXACTLY what I was looking for.  Dave.

I'm delighted. It's exactly what I've had in my mind for a long time. Thank you. Regards Eddie 

Thanks for the design it looks good just what I was after!!   Lee

Wow, that was fast & I love your design!  I am soexcited to have something totally unique!  Thank you so much for your help, I'll wear it with pride!  - Kayla

Hi Scott, The sketch wasn't how I envisaged, it is better! A great job. Thanks ever so much. Regards Kate

Angel TattooSlash Guns N Roses




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