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We complete thousands of translations for professional tattooists and customers each year including famous celebrities and sportsmen & women.

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1. Sanskrit Translation
2. Hebrew Translation
3. Arabic Translation
4. Chinese Translation
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Sanskrit Translation


Sanskrit Translation. Our Sanskrit translations are carried out by Sanjay Agrawal who has lived in India for over 40 years and is fluent in Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati and of course English.

Q. How does Sanskrit read?
A. Sanskrit reads from left to right

Q Are Sanskrit the same as Hindi
A. Often for names they are similar, both written in Devanagari, Sanskrit is the root language from which Hindi is derived and is an ancient language that often takes more research when doing phrases.

Q. Do you offer different styles or fonts
A. No, the fonts change the keyboard layout so our translator uses the standard font that comes with Windows as shown.

You may wish to provide tips on pronouncing names, so that the same is faithfully replicated in the target Indian language text. All Indian languages are phonetic-based, so pronunciation makes all the difference, there is a comments box you can use during checkout.

Orders are generally completed within 48hrs. We use transliteration for our name translations as many western names/words do not have an equivalent, we therefore use the sound of the name transliterated into your chosen language. Buy your name or word as a gift for a friend, they can be used for many fun purposes.

Please be sure to include pronunciation help for any unusual names in the comments box when completing payment.
Large discounts for text over 25 words in length, please email us for a quote stating the desired text and language.

Cost of name translation: 8.00

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Sanskrit Translation

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Hindi Translation Names,Words & Phrases translated into Hindi 8.00

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Customers have recently purchased the following translations :
The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart
Bound in the Beating of Each Other's Heart
brave honest healthy happy
My life is forgiveness, love, creativity, passion, power, integrity, peace (of mind).
The Phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite revives from the ashes and flies
my angel
My family
'love and light' (as in divine love and divine light/wisdom)
I am my soul.
Be Happy Be Yourself
be present
the heart has reasons that reason cannot know
born this way
we love only what we do not wholly possess
essence of being
liam megan
faith tanya
Warrior Spirit, Loving Heart
Grow old with grace
one soul many lives
love is eternal
Never a failure always a lesson
Live on
to thine own self be true
Don't Worry Be Happy
love thy life(seperate from) love thy family

Orders are completed online through your account, usually within 24-48 hours. Names cost 8 each, phrases cost 8 per 4 words.
We use professional human translators. Need inspiration? Try Phrase of The Day for memorable phrases. PCs Shop