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Definition -  the marking of the skin with punctures into which pigment is rubbed. The word originates from the Tahitian tattau.

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Name Tattoo Translations


Fancy a word and name translated into one of many popular languages for the basis of a tattoo ? We now offer Hindi, Sanskrit, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew, Gujarati. Have our human translators complete your order then get it inked by your favourite artist!

Arabic Translation Chinese Translation Gujarati Translation
Hebrew Translation Hindi Translation

Sanskrit Translation

Thai Translation Tamil Translation Telugu Translation

Tattoo Designs

Over 2000 tattoo designs and pictures in our gallery. These designs have been created by artists for your inspiration, browse by genre or search for a specific type of design. Images are separated into categories.

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Rate My Tattoo Area

Rate My Tattoo <align="center">

Why not head over to our Rate my Tattoo area and vote on real free tattoo images, also remember if your going to dish it out you should be able to take it so upload your tattoo image now! We have hundreds of images of tattoos that can surely offer you inspiration and hours of viewing pleasure, some really nice tattoos and of course some dodgy one's! We will let you decide..


Tattoo Ambigrams


Create ambigrams of names, words and cherished sayings for a tattoo. Ambigrams can be read upside down making them ideal for tattoo designs on arms, shoulders and forearms. A FREE stencil is supplied with each high resolution ambigram ordered.


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Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity Tattoo Gallery <align="center"> A gallery of celebrities and their tattoos. Hundreds of famous people and pictures of their body art, celebrities are listed alphabetically.

Tattoo Supplies
If your in the business of offering tattoo supplies including needles, ink, tattoo machines & guns then please get in touch if you would like to advertise on this page. We can also accommodate tattoo removal adverts.


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